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108 Sun Salutations

Dec 09 '17 - to - Dec 09 '17

For the past fifteen years - the Yoga Passage community has come together to share in a sweaty practice to bring in the year - as well as raise money for a worthy cause

The Event:
at promptly 1:08 PM - we begin a practice moving through - you guessed it - 108 sun salutations [Surya Namaskar A] the instructors at Yoga Passage will collectively move you through the practice to tunes by a live DJ.

Post savasana - we'll gather for a mindful market with local vendors that create & craft clothing, food, jewlery and so much more [can you say "last minute christmas shopping?"

In addition to the market, there will be live music, a photobooth, snacks, drinks, silent auction, & give aways. Plus - the opportunity to mingle and mix with your fellow yogis.

Sponsorship forms are available in studio!

The Cause:
This year - proceeds will go to support those affected by Hurricane Irma

"The record-breaking numbers behind Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in Florida after devastating islands throughout the Caribbean. As the storm tears across the continent it is being tracked by meteorologists, who have described it as one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded"

Join us! Space is limited so please do register in advance!

  • Yoga Passage Teachers

  • 1:08 PM - 5:00 PM


Dec 31 '17 - to - Dec 31 '17

2017 has been a year of intense growth & letting go. Come with us to set our eyes on the new year with inspiration & resolve.

6 - 8 PM

a sweaty & playful vinyasa practice tag teamed by Kristin & Ariffa all to the sweet beats of DJ Doctor John

8:30 PM - Onwards

Mosey on for appetizers across the street at Last Best Brewing Company - mingle & munch with your yogi pals before taking on the rest of the NYEvening

Tickets: $49

*Include class & eats at Last Best Brewing Company*

  • Kristin & Ariffa

  • Yoga - 6:00 - 8:00 PM

    Last Best Brewing - 8:00 PM Onwards

La Luna Social | Cosmic Adjustability

Nov 18 '17 - to - Nov 18 '17

Balance, Align, Recalibrate, You are not alone

I know there has been a lot of energetic shifts, a death and rebirth process that has been unfolding since the solar eclipse. This new moon we will work with releasing attachment, disease + that which no longer serves us. Cleansing and clearing our bodies. While nourishing our internal system, and recalibrating it for greatness. This Kundalini Yoga + Meditation class targets our wellness from a wholistic approach allowing us to connect in a community of women to our totality + Infinity. You must make room so that you have more space to receive.

This kriya supports us through:
Menstrual Irregularities
Excessive Emotionality
Breast Cancer
Reduces Weight
Increases Digestion
Increases our Aura
Clarity of Communication
Supports Shoulders + Breasts
Lower Back + Sciatic Nerve
Diaphragm, Sex Organs, and Naval Point
Releases Anxiety
Supports Colon + Liver

This is a technology that has been passed down by Yogi Bhajan and allows us to enhance our consciousness, feel supported, and nourished so that we may live in grace.

  • La Luna Social

  • 5 - 7 PM

La Luna Social | Nourishment

Nov 29 '17 - to - Nov 29 '17

This will be a space that breathes nourishment + tranquility to your soul. Through meditation, essential oils, sound current + Kundalini Yoga you will emotionally, mentally, physically + spiritually experience the capacity to soothe your glandular system and soften into your grace.

  • La Luna Social

  • 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Yin & Tonic

Dec 02 '17 - to - Dec 02 '17

In this two hour Yin Yoga Class, Trained Yin Yoga Teacher Alan Mileham, (E-RYT 500, & YACEP with Yoga Alliance, USA) is your Yin & our two fantastic RMT'S are your "Tonic". We will start of the class with a brief Meditation and Pranayama, before delving into Traditional Yin Yoga Postures. During the class our RMT'S will go around the room and give gentle massages. Due to the nature of Yin Yoga and how long the postures are held, which again can be anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, our RMT'S will never push or force you deeper in a posture, but again offering gentle massages. We will end the class with a slightly longer Savasana, to allow the RMT'S to get in that final and well deserved massage.

  • Alan Mileham

  • 3:30 - 5:30 PM


Nov 25 '17 - to - Nov 25 '17

Let’s take a step back and remind ourselves of our purpose. Let’s hold a creative learning workshop to help us reflect on what truly brings us happiness and joy.

Shake Canada presents: #ShowMeTheHappy! Your host, motivational speaker, kinesiologist, and author, Eric Jozsa, will guide you through a highly anticipated workshop experience that will help explore the possibilities of positivity. We’re going to help you strive for the honesty you deserve with yourself and with others. As a whole, let’s try harder to be our best possible selves, but without the forced and fake behaviours. Let’s find peace of mind and balance with our goals and our achievements.

What you can expect from this Show Me The Happy workshop:

- The 5 Fundamentals of Happiness and how to work towards achieving them

- Personalized ‘Happiness Homework’ and handouts to help develop and direct your Happiness Action Plan

- Activities and positive affirmations to help nurture our goals of joy and contentment

- Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques

- Mini-games with prize giveaways!

- A discussion on where happiness comes from: Does it come from our circumstances or our inner attitudes? And can we learn how to be happier? Scientific research of our brain and body chemistry may lead to some interesting discoveries…

- And more!

Register today, and join us Saturday, November 25th, for a thought-provoking and unique take on the concepts of happiness, joy, and contentment.

You’ll want to attend this workshop if:

- You’re constantly feeling stressed - at home, at work, and with life in general

- You feel like you can’t connect with people, and sometimes even yourself

- You see nothing but ‘happy’ people on social media, but you can’t find that for yourself

- It’s difficult for you to find or maintain real relationships

- You struggle with priorities and find it difficult to figure out what really matters in life

- You feel or have been told that you carry a negative attitude and it’s starting to show

- You’ve lost that drive - that creative spark or that willful energy you once had

  • Shake Canada

  • 3 PM - 5 PM